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Pay Per Click

  • Is it possible for your business to reduce its marketing budget yet increase its effectiveness?
  • Is it possible to spend less than your competitors yet stay competitive at the marketplace?
  • Is it possible for your business to ultimately increase its marketing ROI (return on investment) without depleting your resources?

The reply for all of the above is a big ‘YES’ of course, but you might ask how? The answer is Pay Per Click advertising. PPC is one of the most cost-effective methods for advertising today as it not only promises but delivers targeted traffic to your website. With PPC businesses do not need to spend huge amounts of marketing budgets in search of customers, instead, they pay to advertise for customers that are already searching their service or products.

PPC advertising requires certain amount of expertise, skill level and experience; all of which can be found at FirmSol. We have successfully set-up, launched and managed numerous PPC campaigns previously and are also providing to a number of advertisers at present.


What Makes Us So Successful?
There are many ingredients for a successful PPC campaign. Here, we share some of the key ingredients for a delectable, savory recipe for PPC success.

Traffic VS Targeted Traffic

Our approach in PPC is driven by the concept of generating targeted traffic instead of big volumes of traffic that produce little or no Return On Investment. This is accomplished with a comprehensive research for keywords.

Keyword Selection

FirmSol’s PPC specialists spend a considerable amount of time in understanding a client’s business or website inside-out. This enables us to come up with keywords that are targeted, yet cost-effective. It is very easy to run a simple keyword analysis and use keywords that have the most search volume in a PPC campaign. But does it affect your client’s ROI in a positive way? Certainly not. We always strive to come up with keywords that offer the best possible combination of Cost Per Click and search volume.

Campaign Set-Up

Setting up a PPC campaign the right way is very crucial as the CTR, Conversions and the ROI of a campaign all depend on the setup. Our creative Ad copy and attention grabbing headlines play an important role in increasing the click through rates and conversion.

In addition to the setup of the campaign, we place great emphasis on the design of the landing pages. We thoroughly review client’s landing pages and accordingly advise to accomplish the results they desire to achieve from visitor actions.

Campaign Analysis And Reporting

It is of paramount importance to critically review and monitor the traffic sources, trends, geographic locations and other similar aspects to avoid unnecessary clicks. In addition, we deploy strategic goal to determine effectiveness of the ads. Conversion tracking and analytics codes are installed at the client websites to monitor the success of the PPC campaign. Reports are sent on regular basis to clients covering various aspects of the performance of the campaign.

We strongly believe in producing result-oriented campaigns to help our clients get the best possible return on their investment. If you would like to get a taste of our services, please fill out contact form and one of our PPC specialists will get back to you soon.