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Search Engine Optimization

Your website is your shop-window. SEO helps you use it the best possible way

Imagine building the greatest castle in the world, yet nobody is aware of it. Why? Simple, you forgot to build a door into it. Having a great website that is not ranked is quite similar to the parable above. In today’s razor sharp competitive environment, if you are not ranked, you are invisible to the world.

Firmsol can help you build a thousand doors to your castle that bring in visitors, the lifeline of a website. If you are not taking your fair share from more than 14 billion searches monthly, you cannot stay competitive or get a good return on your investment. We can help increase traffic, enhance your social media presence and get you a great ROI.

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From the word Go

A great Search Engine Optimization campaign starts with the selection of great Keywords that are relevant to your products/services. We put great emphasis on selection of right keywords as they are the foundation upon which the edifice of the whole SEO campaign will be built. This process involves going through the businesses and websites of our partners and coming up with keyword ideas. Keywords are usually searched with automated tools and they are only as good as the phrases put into them. It is the art of knowing what keyword ideas to put into them in order to get the best possible suggestions.

After we have selected our keywords, it is time to go work on them. At this stage we form a strategic plan to implement our link building expertise into the campaign. We perform a comprehensive site audit to find any problems that might be hindering the site’s visibility in the search engines. The Meta Data of each page is updated according the keyword selection and the text on the page is created with a good keyword density. We have a team of excellent writers that are capable of handling any content requirements.

The link building is carried out with special focus on creating links at quality article directories and Web 2.0 sites. The overall process is carried out with creating links on a diverse group of sites with high page rank.

We employ 100% ethical white hat methods only to deliver quality SEO solutions.

We spend time to understand your SEO needs and then give you a workable solution. Feel free to discuss with our SEO experts.